S/914 R IX

This asteroid turned expansive repair dock (propounded ess-nine-fourteen-are-the ninth) floats in the outer edges of the radius of Port Wanders’ detailed sensor range. It has wandered in slow orbit of the station since nearly the beginning of the station along with S/914 R I-X. The other nine stations were eventually abandoned, destroyed during sieges, or moved for other purposes. This is the last of the notable bases originally commissioned by the Administratum. Their purpose was supply depots for the Imperial Navy, but these fell by the wayside when the Maw opened and traffic greatly increased meaning the need for stockpiles decreased significant.


In time, the station was sold to a mercenatile federation which used it for off-Port business affairs away from prying eyes and ears of rivals and authorities. Upon the federation’s double dealing against the Navigator family House Rey’a’Nor, they sent their agents to take revenge. Asteroid IX fell into Rey’a’Nor hands who used it for a short time as a fortified facility to house items of interest found in Koronus by their client houses. As few Rogue Traders did not want rare items to leave their possession without payment, the base fell into disuse and was auction in time to a mercenary faction who used it as a base from a century until this mercenary guild, Hammer’s Slammers, fought and lost a mighty campaign on behalf of the Winterscale Dynasty in deep Koronus. Reduced to a ghost of their former selves, the survivors officers sold the station to its current owners in order to recoop loses and buy lives of luxury elsewhere in Calixis.


S/914 R IX is now owned by Foremistress Rhalee Mahvorn III—granddaughter of the original Foremistress. Rumors abound that the Mahvorns once went by the surname Jupiter and had worked directly for the feared Dread Pirate Sparta. The truth of this is unknown, but even today, the station has a well-earned reputation for quick, efficient repairs with no questions asked. The only requirement to use this station is that the captains pay their debts and show proper respect for the Foremistress. Some have spoken a time or two has seen pirate vessels docked directly at the station during a time when its orbit took it out of range for focused augur scans.


This piece of Port Wander history has become so well known, few ever refer to it as its true name. Instead, it is known in the area as the Grand Ole Boulder, as the last of its chain of ten stations and as a recognizable piece of the fabric of the station’s community. The station is a large asteroid—in fact it could make a small moon or dwarf planet in the right orbits. Its bulk contains sprawling storage caverns, fighters and bomber hangers, massive technician bays filled with starship grade welders and extractors and all other tools, and respectable sized micro-city on the Port-Wander facing side.


This micro-city, known simply as Boulder City or Mahvorn City. Both are used freely, and Rhalee Mahvorn does not have a preference or official choice. Likely as many as a million residents live or often visit and work inside the Grand Ole Boulder. These include technicians, laborers, security armsmen, Mahvorn’s staff, and even the odd squatter or refugee from elsewhere who has the thrones gelt to pay rent. The majority of the city dates to the era of Hammer’s Slammers who constructed large numbers of barracks, armouries, vehicle storage bays, and war rooms. These now serve to quarter both the shipyard workers and the armsmen. These levels very much resemble the inside the Imperial warships. The upper levels date to the time of the first Foremistress. Like a hive spire cut from the upper skyline of Scintilla and transported out to Port Wander, these upper levels are luxurious and opulent. Noticeably less cramped and cleaner than Port Wander itself, these upper levels still have the stain of their isolated place and rough clientele. Art work is dated, the occasional bullet-hole or scorched burn of las fire can be seen in the side hallways, and there is an ever-present slight smell of industrial chemicals and gun ungents.


The upper most section of this mini-spire houses Mahvorn’s own residence. Few have seen the inside of her personal quarters, but attached to it, Mahvorn maintains a facility to entertaining guests—ballroom, lounge complete with endless alcohol and private rooms, gaming rooms for gambling for leisure, and even a (perhaps more rarely used than most) temple-shrine to the God Emperor complete with a dozen masterfully carved saint statues of legendary Imperial citizens who fought in the Angevin crusade.


S/914 R IX

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