Calixis Nobility

The high lords and ladies of Calixis hold onto domains and titles that are infantile in age when compared to much of the greater Imperium. Even so, much wealth has flowed from and into Calixis, and Koronus adds yet another avenue of wealth and exploitation of these nobility of Calixis to dabble in. These families are represented in many of the most powerful Imperial officers in the sector, and they also have a good deal of diplomacy and interaction with the Rogue Traders of the region-marriage, trade, alliances, rivalries. These nobles vary from those clothed in steel and dwelling in massive stone castles to those dwelling comfortably in massive hive spires and orbital stations.


House Belleforte of Malfi

House Belleforte of Scintilla

House Dondonell

House Krin

House Machenko



Calixis Nobility

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