Rogue Trader II:

The Search For More Money


Contrary to popular saying, in the grim darkness of the far future, more exists than merely war. In the distant and strange stretch of space known as the Koronus Expanse, more than a hundred Rogue Trader Dynasties do battle in arenas of commerce, diplomacy, exploration, and battle. They include such figures as the legendary and powerful Calligos Winterscale, the pirate king and self-proclaimed heir to what was once the greatest Rogue Trader dynasty in Imperial history Tarsus Yastobaal, the scion of a once exiled and hunted dynasty accused of empire building Tymir Jaeger, the famed and deadly mercenary warlord Trucido Versten, and many others. Alongside these powerful Rogue Traders who command small fleets and vast wealth are many strange and terrifying groups—Inquisitors, Reavers, Adeptus Astartes, Stryxis Carvans, Chartist Captains, Orks of Undred-Undred Teeth, Adeptus Mechanicus Explorators, Navaigator Clans, and the Forsaken Kindred Kroot.


In this deadly and Emperor Forsaken stretch of space, the Armitage and Calvinus Dynasties seek to rebuild their power and influence while reshaping them in the image of their newest holders of the Warrants of Trade. As 826.M41 dawns, these Rogue Traders join the struggle for dominance so that they may write their names upon history and perhaps space itself—leaving behind legends of their deeds.


Rogue Trader 2: The Search for More Money

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